Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Woolly Worms!

Legend has it that Woolly Worms AKA Woolly Bears can be predictors of the upcoming winter. Supposedly the band of brown in the middle is what "predicts" the winter weather. If the band of brown is narrow, with mostly black on the front or the back.... we will have a long, hard, cold winter. If the brown is wider...then a mild winter is in store. Now recently moving from Texas, I can recall seeing some caterpillars that resembled Woolly Worms, but was NOT familiar with the legend.
We saw our first Woolly Worm at the apple orchards last week.
According to this little bugger ..... we will have a mild winter here. Since spotting that first Woolly Worm, I have seen several, and I have yet to see another with the wide brown band.....they have all been mostly black with a very narrow brown band..... So color me confused???? Which is it, a mild winter or a long, cold, hard winter???

I decided that I would consult the The Farmer's Almanac ... "The Almanac has claimed an 80-85% accuracy rate over the years, and is often consulted when planning weddings, and family reunions. This years Almanac has predicted a colder, wetter than normal winter for the East Coast, and a milder, warmer winter for the Plains, and Western portions of the United States.

Hmmmm, perhaps this first little Woolly that I found was somehow lost, and should be back West. Anyway....time will tell.


~renay~ said...

Love the woolly worms....They are sooooo cute!

Petrel said...

Tasty too!

anita said...

I saw one the other day myself, but didn't know about the banding. Will have to check that out.