Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun, Family and extended Family..sort of...

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here... we had a busy weekend. On Friday, after school, Carson and I headed up to Manassas, Virginia (about 25-30 miles away) to visit with some, sort of, relatives.
In my family, you are related if you share a meal with us, so we have a really, really large extended family. This time, they really were sort of relatives. Holly, my sister, is married to Mike,they have two boys Zach and Will, they live in El Paso, Tx. Mike's sister is Linda, she is married to Nick and they have three daughters Alexis, Kaytlyn, and Lauren, they live in Manassas. Clear??? Anyway, Zach was in Washington D.C. for a school sponsored leadership conference and he spent and extra week in Virginia, with his other cousins.

On Friday evening, Carson and I drove up after school to have supper with them and visit. Wayne was going to take the train to the Manassas station instead of coming home and driving back up. I have not seen Linda's family since Zach's first birthday party a million years ago (I only say that because I am horrible at remembering just how old everyone is...bad of me I know). Wayne had never met any of this off shoot of the family, and I had not met the youngest two daughters. Wonderful girls by the way... all three of them, are very engaging and their great attributes are attributed to their even more wonderful parents.

Since Wayne was taking the train in, it was arranged that he would meet Nick at the station, they would ride the train together and then come on in for supper. This gave them some "special" male bonding time....WHATEVER that means...anyway...we all had a fantastic time, shared a wonderful meal, engaged in unique conversation, and rekindled/started a new relationship with semi-relatives. We all got to spend some time with Zach, (man he has matured so much). Carson had a blast with him as well as with girls. Holly jokingly told me that she only married her hubby Mike, because she liked his sister so all seriousness...We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Saturday, we had decided that we needed to get the boy some winterish clothes. He is going through a growth spurt, and all of the sudden, NOTHING fits him anymore. Wayne and I both needed some new shoes (I guess you can't wear flip flops all winter), so we headed out for some serious shopping. We decided that we might have better luck if we headed up to Tyson's Corner. We get our shopping done and head home to drop off our loot, and head to Costco, and Walmart for the rest of the weekly shopping. I check the phone for messages and there is a message from Wayne's cousins that were through a week or so ago, they will be back through in a couple of hours and wanted to bunk down for the night. So we make record time in Costco and Walmart, head home, meet up with the cousins and head to a restaurant for supper, where a good time was had by all. They left us on Sunday morning, and I have been doing laundry ever since.

Enjoyed ourselves tremendously this weekend....busier than most, but definitely a ton of fun!


Kassie said...

I am so glad to hear that you got to catch up with old sort of family. That is great. It sounds like things are going great for ya'll and I am so excited about that.

Petrel said...

I am so glad you had fun with Nick and Linda. They really are quality folk, and getting to see Zach has to be a plus. Oh, you probably need to refill your spell check, it seems to be about a quart low,,,