Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Call me Grace!

Yesterday morning, as I was racing around getting ready to substitute teach, I neglected to give Carson his morning meds. So I run up to his school and am walking into the school, and somehow manage to trip over my feet. If you are anything like me, I am thinking as I am falling, that I must do whatever I possibly can to not fall. So I brace, and throw out my hands, elbows, whatever I can so that I don't fall flat on my face. It doesn't work, and I fall flat on my face. Now I am sure it was graceful, and elegant, and that I did not make a huge humiliating fool out of myself. I am almost positive that no one really noticed, and I am even more sure that not only was the parking lot full of buses unloading children, there was also a full car rider lot as well, neither of which noticed my tumble. I am also highly hopeful that the Principal and the rest of the teachers greeting the buses did not witness, my ever so graceful entrance. I just know for a fact that the worst thing about falling, is not so much the actual falling, but the humiliation that comes after, when everyone who I was so positive wasn't watching, actually was watching.

The worst I am sore and black and blue... my neck, hands, knees and lower back are achy... I shouldn't have tried to stop the fall... the only things that really hurt are the areas I strained trying to prevent the dang fall in the first place. So I have a new nickname... I prefer to be called Grace... because don't you know it was the most graceful, elegant fall ever.


anita said...

Yeah, that's my nickname, too. I'm sorry you're hurting. :(

Sandra T. said...

Oh man....that's not good!!!

Petrel said...

My nickname in the squadron was "Grace and Precision" because I fell with such abandon. I fell off the aircraft just before launch once, sprained my wrist, but I was too dumb to cancel the flight, so I spent 6 hours, low level over Greece, with a sprained left wrist. I also fell once on the golf course a few years back and broke my right wrist...You come from a bunch of "tumblers" so take your Motrin and grin thru the pain.


Melissa said...

HAHA! Sorry to laugh at your expense, but that sounds like something I would totally do!
So is this considered your Friday Fess Up a day early--in that you "didn't" fall and feel totally embarrassed? :)

The Fields Family said...

I can top that. I fell off of the front steps at Clint Jr. High School and I was wearing a pencil skirt and high heels. It was the end of the school day when the parents were coming to pick up their kids. It' much more humiliating when the principal falls flat on her face.

I'm still reminded of this fall by many of the witnesses.

Kariberry said...

I hope you didn't hurt yourself to bad.
I was at WM the other day, in produce. I heard a few teens laughing. There mother wipped out on the floor next to her cart. I waitied for her to get up and i asked her if she was alrght. She started laughting and said she hurt her pride more. When you can laugh at yourself i guess it's all good then. :)