Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Saturday....Must be Family Day!

Today was a dreary kinda rainy day, but we did not want to spend the day in the house. We decided to head East over the Potomac River Bridge at Dalgren Naval Station. So we left this morning and brought an extra passenger with us. Petey the dog has been howling horribly when we leave for longer periods of time... so we brought him along. He loves to ride in the he had a good time with us.

Two summers ago when we vacationed in Solomon's Island Maryland, we noticed that there is a ferry that runs off Point Lookout State Park. This was a important fort during the Civil War, as it was the point at which the Potomac River branches off of the Chesapeake Bay. There is an old prisoner of war camp there from the Civil War, as well as a light house. Having never been down that direction we made tracks. We are really never ones to be daunted by the weather, it was actually not very cold at all, just drizzly and very windy out on Lookout Point. There was a high tide warning as the high tide was expected to be much higher than normal because of the weather system that is punching through.

The Ferry runs only on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting and you have to make reservations to get on the ferry. We are planning on heading back in the Spring and make a trip on the ferry to Smith Island out in the Chesapeake. We left the Point and drove back up though Patuxent River, and the Solomon's Island. We drove West out of Prince Frederick, across the Patuxent River and though some beautiful back roads of Maryland's Amish country.

This is looking North from the Point up into the mouth of the Potomac River.
This is the mouth of the Potomac River. Cannot see across here...even on a clear day.
The waves breaking over the rocks.... There is normally a beach area here, but the tide was so high that the water was breaking on the rocks. More of the rocky shore, with the beach underwater.Carson trying to stand straight.... it was really windy at the very end of the Point.We headed back in a bit and walked out on the fishing pier. I was cold at this point and put Wayne's jacket on.Some of the sea grass and rocks just south of the pier. With the boy thrown in for good measure.

Carson wanted to ride on the buggy's that the Amish use. It was raining very hard, and I took this through the front windshield of the kinda blurry.One of the Amish farms we passed.It was a fun day.....we are hoping to head up to the mountains tomorrow...the leaves are supposed to be at near peak Fall colors.

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Til said...

Some amazing photo's there!!! I have always wanted to go to Amish country! We are trying to go next summer...will have to put it on the list. GREAT photo's and you look so cute!