Friday, October 3, 2008

Some sad observations...

I am really enjoying substitute teaching! I have subbed twice this week. Once for amazing first graders and then yesterday in 5th grade resource class. I am so amazed at what these teachers deal with each and every day. In my class yesterday the background stories alone would make a grown man sob. They are that heart wrenching.

I was in a class with 5 students, all with either severe behavioral issues, or severe learning delay. I was one of three adults in that class. These wonderful teachers deal with everything ... most of it would turn your stomach, yet they do it every single day, with a smile, because they love their students. I can see that they care for them, and for a lot of the kids it is the ONLY affection that they get. It sickens me that there are children that live in situations that affect them so severely that this is the only hope for them.

Ever since moving here, there are some things I have noticed.
Crime...seems like every single night there is a murder, rape or other type of violent act somewhere in the DC metro area. Just last week in a small town about an hour from here, two children were found in the freezer of their adoptive mother. They had been in that freezer for over a year. Thank God!... that the surviving child escaped and was found wandering the street, completely covered in bruises and near starvation. How does this happen? Has is been happening all along and I was so far removed that it didn't really affect me? Is it because I was "sheltered" from this for most of my life? I mean I know abuse happens everywhere, but it just seems so sad to watch the news here every night. I know it is because we are living in such a urban area, that the concentration of people is greater, we hear about it more often. Sorry to be so depressing, it is just that these things have stood out as huge differences from my somewhat sheltered life in Texas and the new life here. Don't get me wrong....we LOVE it is just sad that there is so much horror in the world... and I used to be so far removed from it, now it is in my backyard (figuratively).

I truly feel blessed growing up in the life we had, we had a family, that cared for each other, and most of all we loved each other! We weren't perfect...but THANK GOD we were and are a Family... and Family always comes first! Sorry to be such a downer, sometimes...just seeing and hearing these horror stories make really appreciate all the wonderful blessings that I have.


Melissa said...

WOW...that is totally freaky about the kids in the freezer. MY GOSH. What is this world coming to?!? I have lived in Texas all of my life, so I guess I'm considered "sheltered" as well. Never thought about it, but it's a good point. We just aren't exposed to that kind of stuff on a regular basis. Praying for your peace of mind!

Amanda said...

What a cruel and disgusting world we live in. We are really sheltered here in Amarillo. We miss you guys. Congrats on the job.