Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Fly...or to Drive...That is the Question!

We seriously have got to get our ducks in a row and figure out how we are getting home to Texas for Christmas. Seriously.....I DO NOT want to drive... I would much rather spend the time spent driving with family, but we have a small dog who goes ballistic when he is left for more than an hour. It didn't use to be this way... he was fine until his mother died back in May...now if I leave the room for more than a couple of minutes, he panics and starts to look for me.

Prices on flying have dropped quite a bit, to the point that we "might have" considered this option for a couple of reasons. First Wayne only gets a day or two off for Christmas....so he would be able to fly home before us, allowing Carson and I to stay a little longer. If we drive, Wayne will have to take some extra vacation days....He has plenty...but there would be an average of five days on the road round trip. Petey would be able to drive with us no problem....but not too sure about him being able to fly with us. He is a mini daschund......but I don't know if he would qualify for an under the seat carrier.

So we are in a bit of a quandary.... if anyone has any suggestions... I am open to it. We definitely will be going home....just need ideas on how to get there.


anita said...

FLY! FLY! FLY! Kari, you know what that driving trip is like. Seriously, do you want to be in a car for 5 days with a dog and a small child?????
Look online to find out what the requirements are for the dog-he might be able to fly in your bag, just like Paris Hilton's puppy. :)

And it will probably cost the same to drive (or maybe more) than fly.

Kariberry said...

Take The Train... LOL

The Fields Family said...


For Petey you might want to consider a petsitter. Check out sittercity.com. They have lot's of people listed in your area.