Saturday, October 18, 2008

Firetrucks...and Ambulances...

Today being Saturday, is either our day for rat killing, or a family activity of some sort. We had planned on heading out this morning and getting the monthly bulk shopping done at Costco, and BJ's... so nothing planned really.

As we were driving to town, we pass the local volunteer fire department. It just so happens that they are having their annual Fire Prevention Month Open House. They had all the trucks out with the doors open, allowing the kids to sit in the seats etc. There was a bake sale, and rummage sale as well as Sparky the Fire Dog, and a jump house.

Both boys are in their element..... Carson, because of the jumper, and Wayne because it is a Fire House and there are Fire Trucks!!! Seriously...the man has soot running through his veins... we always hunt out the fire stations, and he has been known to follow a fire know...just because he has to see it himself.
Anyway, today we stopped and Carson was having a good time checking out the firetrucks and the ambulances....The crew was paying close attention to the kiddos, and basically letting them have a ball on the trucks. Carson was climbing to the big engine when he trips and falls right on his chin. As a Mom, you know pretty much by sound and the look on the face, whether it is something that really hurts, or a brush it off kinda face. Carson got right up and looked at us, I knew it hurt, but I thought he had maybe bit his tongue, He teared up a bit, but never cried, and immediately got in the seat for his picture to be taken. So Wayne and I didn't think too much of it. A couple of minutes later I look at Carson's hand and he has blood on it. I make him hold his head back and sure enough he has a cut on his chin. Nothing major...but it is bleeding. Since we were at the Fire Station, we simply asked one of the paramedics if he had a bandaid.
The paramedic, took Carson over to the ambulance and put him up in the back of the truck and started to clean the cut to see it. Then the chief comes over and talks to the paramedic, who at this point is recommending it been seen. Seriously all we wanted was a bandaid. The cut looks real small, and Carson has not shed a tear over the whole thing. Since Carson fell on their property at their event, they really stress that they want us to get him looked off we head to the Urgent Care. Get there and are seen immediately....the verdict, that while the cut is deep, it doesn't warrant a they steri-strip him up and we are outta there. The chief calls us an hour or so later to check on Carson and to let us know the Dept. wants to cover the expenses....Our insurance took care of it, and our co-pay was so negligible... the Dept is better using their resources in other areas. Nice to know they were so attentive...I am sure it is because everyone these days is so lawsuit happy, but still nice to have the caring these guys showed.
This is the second before he falls on the steps.
This is the moment after he fell... no blood... no tears.

The Paramedic checking out the boy.

Carson answering all his own questions...did ok until he got to the phone number.

See it really is tiny...and this picture doesn't show how deep it really was. This is right after the nurse cleaned it out.

When all was said and done, we were able to get all our shopping done, an hour or so later than what we had planned, but it sure made for an interesting day. Besides what kid makes it to adulthood without a scar on the chin...He matches me now!


Wayne said...

Yes I do have soot running through my veins - once a Firefighter / EMT always a Firefighter / EMT. I even admit that I miss being one.

I served on two NH Fire Departments and briefly on one in Kansas before deciding to give it all up. I did eventually rise to the rank of Captain on an Engine / Rescue Company.

I know that at my current age leaving the firefighting to the younger ones is the prudent thing to do. However, I have been considering getting my National Registerd EMT Certification again and becoming a member of the Falmouth / Stafford County EMS.

Boys always want to be like their Dad so I would totally support Carson to be a Firefighter if he so desired.

Kariberry said...

OUCH that looks sore. Poor little guy. He looks like he teared up just sitting there. At least he still had a good time before, and after the fall.

anita said...

what is life, if not interesting? and he'll have a great story to tell to his friends :)

wayne-i say go for it!

Sandra T. said...

Poor little Carson!