Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have I Mentioned Yet That I Love Fall!

Just in case you were wondering, Fall happens to be my favorite time of the year. I love the crisp air, the smell of wood burning in fireplaces... and I really love the smell of jack-o-lanterns lit with a real candle. Weird I know...but just one of those childhood smells that you never forget. We are going to have plenty of pumpkins to carve, because we came home with two more today!
Today, I had the pleasure of attending Carson's first field trip in Kindergarten to Westmoreland Berry Farm as a chaperon. The kids took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and picked their own pumpkins, and gourds. They had several story and song times with the wonderful ladies at the farm, who did an outstanding job keeping 5 and 6 year olds entertained. It was the coldest day we have had yet this season, about 40 degrees with a real stiff wind. So it was well below freezing with the wind chill.... at least it wasn't raining!
I haven't ridden on a school bus in years, and that was interesting to say the least. I know I enjoyed myself tremendously, the kids had a blast, and we all enjoyed the beauty that is Virginia in the Fall. I am hesitant to post too many pictures of other peoples children on this blog without their permission, so what you see is but a small sampling, or difficult to see who is really in the shots.

When we first drove in there is a large contraption of sort that crosses over the road, with obvious perches and ledges. We all kinda wondered what that was for. As we were eating lunch we were treated to a show from the resident goat. There is a pulley and machine to buy goat feed from. You put the feed in the bucket and use the pulley to bring it up to the top perch. The goat must have smelt our food, because he wandered up and looked around waiting for someone to offer him a bite.
When he didn't get any food, he calmly trotted back down the ramps on the other side.

The kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Did I mention it was COLD???By the way.... I was informed by two little girls that they are Carson's girlfriends....He was indifferent to the whole thing, but he did tell me that they were beautiful... he's right... they are cuties.


~renay~ said...


I love all of your pictures...I love fall as well! All of the colors are just so beautiful this time of year. You have such an awesome opportunity to see those pretty colors everyday on all of the beautiful trees there. Carson looks so cute holding the pumpkin.

anita said...

Ahhh, those kindergarten field trips. Cherish those memories of elementary school~they grow up toooo fast!
I love fall too, but unfortunately, yet again this year, the leaves are falling off without changing color. Enjoy those leaves you have up there!