Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a FUN Day!

You know, when I signed up for this substitute teaching gig, it was more or less a way to keep busy, but also add a little extra income to the family. I was called this morning last minute, for the Autism class at a school in the area. I really debated taking it, but went ahead and decided to do so. I had four students and 3 Paraprofessionals in that class. One of the Paras is only in the room part time as she has several of the older boys in another classroom.

When Carson was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (High Functioning Autism), we were initially relieved to find out there really was something going on, and it wasn't he was just a "bad" kid for lack of a better word. We were also terrified with the label that his diagnosis conjures up in most peoples mind.

Today I had "that" class of students.... and I LOVED every minute that I was in this class. I totally understood the struggles that these boys were dealing with. Two of these children were completely non-verbal, and only one was potty trained. Just seeing the struggles that these boys faced, made me appreciate so much the Gift that we have in Carson. We are soooo very blessed, while we still have our day to day struggles, Carson is extremely intelligent, the best hugger, the most lovingly sweet child, and the light in our lives. God knew what he was doing, we are so blessed...we could have it so much worse, and I need to remember this on the days that we struggle with defiance, or some other frustrating issue. There are children so much worse that what we have to deal with.

Back to the classroom, I may be teaching this class as a long term sub in January. The teacher is pregnant, and both Paras, asked me to consider it,believe it or not, I am considering it....maybe I am crazy... but special ed. seems to be something I enjoy.


Petrel said...

Do it! Those kids hardly ever meet anyone with your values. Who knows, you may be just the person to bring sunshine into their lives.


Kassie said...

I think that you would be great at it. You have a great way with kids and I know that you would have lots of fun. I am glad that you had a good day.

~renay~ said...

I honestly think that would be such a great opportunity. I'm glad that you have found subbing to be so rewarding. There is nothing like a teacher wether it be a sub or not that hates what they are doing. You are and will be great with this.

Amanda said...

I thank God daily for giving me such wonderful healthy children. Even though we have issues, you are right it could be much worse. I know you will be awesome with the kids because you understand their struggles. When we get teachers that understand the condition it makes it so much easier for Brayden and us. Miss you!