Sunday, December 7, 2008


You know what they say about the best laid plans...they can change in an instant. We had planned for weeks to head to D.C. to Tyson's Corner to see "THE" Santa...but I had heard that the line to see Santa was HOURS long. So instead we went to the local mall and saw the "REAL" Santa. Carson took one look at Santa and told me that this one was the Real Santa. He definitely looks the part. He is the kindest Santa... and so patient.

We stood in line for about 45 minutes....Carson hopped right up and started immediately telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas. I heard him make a special point of asking Santa to remember that he would be in Texas, and would he still come there? He proceeds to spend several minutes telling him about flying on an airplane and wanting a drum. Surprise to us...because for weeks all he has said he wanted was a Speed Racer race and stunt track thing. I hunted all over for that and finally found one, and shipped it to Texas. So I have explained that sometimes Santa doesn't bring everything we ask for, he likes to surprise us with special thinks he picks out, so be ready for some cool surprises.

Santa, listening intently....

Santa, explaining...that he will find Carson in Texas.

Isn't Santa Awesome!

The Cheesy Smile....

I love this one too!

My favorite Santa picture from last year. WOW what happened to that baby face???


Kariberry said...

The look on Carson's face is priceless! Sorry i haven't visited in a while. Too busy catching & throwing snow balls... LOL... FB

Petrel said...

It must be comforting for you to know that Will has promised to make sure that Carson can feel free that Santa is real. Zach took Will aside, and told him that Mom and Dad were really santa. Of course, that will be a hard job for that 12 year old cousin...

We are on pins and needles, waiting for your arrival. I just hope Santa can find the house.


~renay~ said...

I have to say that even though this years picture is good I love last years......It is amazing how much Carson has changed in just a year.