Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let's Have a Parade!

Tonight was the annual Fredericksburg Christmas Parade. We have made it annual event to go to the Christmas Parade every year. In Amarillo, there was the Electric Light Parade held every year, and we were told that the parade here in town was a really good parade. We planned on meeting some friends and they even staked out our spot earlier in the day with our chairs, so all we had to do was show up and enjoy the show. We arrived early, we were warned that this really packs in the we bundled up in as many layers as possible, and hit the bricks. No sooner do we get there and it starts to snow. This is the first snow of the season, and it really set the atmosphere for the evening.

The parade route was in downtown Fredericksburg, which in and of itself is an amazing place. The actual downtown dates back to before the Civil War, and many of the buildings are still in use today. There is something quite unique, being surrounded by all the history of this town.

There were marching bands, horses, floats, beauty queens, dance teams, classic cars, more marching bands, more dance teams, and more floats. I figured that for a town this size the parade would be about 45 minutes long. At an hour, I asked my friend how long it would be... she told me that in years past it is at least 2 hours long. Tonight's parade was 2 hours before the BIG GUY showed up. LONG parade....but the best parade we have ever seen.

Looking up the parade route before the start.
There was the Marine Corp Band

Fire Trucks...
Kiddos all bundled up....Catching snowflakes.....The three of us....I was Freezing!
You can really see the snowflakes here....
Just a cheesy grin.....I LOVE red noses in the winter.....FINALLY.... we see Santa....Carson waving to the guest of Honor....
Santa.....arrived on his sleigh pulled by Clydesdales instead of reindeer.

We get home and there is a dusting of snow on everything.... of course Carson had to play in it. He even tried to make a snow angel.I am STILL cold. I don't think I will warm up until I get in the bed. But it was all worth it.... this was a phenomenal parade in our new town. A tradition we look to continue here.

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Til said...

Now that was a parade!!!! Great photo's!