Friday, December 5, 2008

It is Just Getting Crazy!

If you guys know anything about me, you know that I am a Craigs List Junkie. I have actually had to take a break from it because I would spend hours scouring the adds looking for furniture etc. Anyway, as you are all well aware, we have a Presidential Inauguration in January. Hotels up to 100 miles from DC were booked by the day after the election for this event. Well, some enterprising folks are renting out their homes for the inauguration.....for get this,..... up to $50,000.00 for the week! You know what is crazier???? People are paying it! In a few short searches on Craigs List I found home from as far away as Richmond an hour south of us renting for $10,000.00 for the week. Heck, In Stafford/ Fredericksburg area people are renting 3 bdrm townhouses for $15,000.00 . Perhaps we really need to think about doing this ourselves...only hotel rooms available for us to stay at. I guess we could rent out the two spare rooms and the basement for $10,000.00? Right? Humm.... we could even put sleeping bags down in the basement and Carson could sleep with us and we could easily sleep 15-20 people.

Here are a few links to some ads on Craigs List...
Fredericksburg Rental
Richmond This one includes the guys car!
This one is per night!!!

When we were in D.C. last weekend they were already working on the stage in front of the Capital. While this is historical for our nation, I am not looking forward to the huge influx of people that are anticipated. The news media is already reporting upwards of a million to a million and half people. Traffic is going to be a HUGE nightmare! We are NOT planning on going anywhere near D.C. during that week. Now, had this been McCain that had won the election... I would really consider attending at least some of the festivities.

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anita said...

You can rent out your house and hang out with us in VB that week. :)