Friday, December 12, 2008

Inauguration Day Planning - Anticipated Long Lines - Millions of People

Reading through the local news of my favorite Washington DC radio website, WTOP I came across this very interesting posting concerning the upcoming Inauguration Day and planning for the masses of people who plan on attending. After reading this I have a recommendation to all who plan on attending - STAY HOME. I can only imagine how lengthy the lines will

Inauguration week is going to be a very interesting week around here starting on Saturday January 17th 2009 the weekend prior to inauguration that is when people will start arriving into this area. There is a Sunday January 18th welcome event, then you have to remember that Monday the 19th is a Federal Holiday - Martin Luther Kings Birthday so a lot of people have it off - there will be service events planned Then Tuesday the 20th is Inauguration Day. Here are another couple of links you might find interesting.

This next link is an awesome website that gives a lot of history about the inauguration as well as other pertinent information.

Finally I have to work on MLK's Birthday and on Inauguration Day, I am looking forward to riding both the VRE and the Metro on those days - I'd rather do that than try to make the trip by vehicle.

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