Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun!

While here in Texas, we elected to not bring our DSLR with us. For one just carrying it on the plane tends to be a real hassle, and also the lcd screen is never sure if I got "the" shot or not. My Dad recently purchased his first a Nikon D 60 so we commandeered his and used it for Christmas morning pictures.

The house was packed with the whole sister Holly her hubby Mike, boys Zach and Will and the three of us were staying with my parents. We had a houseful! Sister Wendy her hubby Richard, kids Hayden, Hunter, and Hannah all live local as does my brother Brad, his wife Paige and the youngest of the group 21 month old Peyton.

We gathered on Christmas Eve for a wonderful Prime Rib feast provide by my sister Holly's family, and cooked to perfection by my mother. Not much was left of the beast when everyone was done. After dinner, preparations were made for Santa to visit... we left the cookies and milk in the kitchen and Carrots were also provided for the reindeer. Carson was quick to head to bed, and get ready for Santa to come in the night. Then the real work began..... We had to assemble a couple of things and run get the batteries that we forgot AGAIN! Fortunately TRU was still open.

Christmas morning arrives and the boy waited as long as he could to open....His dad decided to shower first.....don't know what he was can't make a 6 year old wait!!!! Finally he started opening and was surprised by all that Santa brought much so that he never even saw the Nintendo DS system Santa also left....

Santa couldn't find room under the tree for the Speed Racer race track that he he had to put it in the kitchen....and after everything else was opened he found it. That is the neatest toy I have ever seen and has been played with constantly.My Brother, Brad and his family arrive after a while and we got to enjoy watching him with the first Christmas he really got into.

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