Wednesday, December 10, 2008


One of Carson and mine favorite traditions is baking Christmas Cookies. Carson and I usually spend several hours doing this, and we really aren't too concerned with how they actually look because they are just for us. This year however, I made 10 dozen sugar cookies for the Christmas bake sale at Carson's school on Saturday.
I baked all the cookies ahead of time and started icing them while Carson was still at school....after all I wanted them to be pretty for the sale. I did save several for Carson to decorate and he did an outstanding job. Now all I have to do is make those cute Christmas Light cupcakes on Friday and I am finished.


~renay~ said...


anita said...

They're gorgeous. Don't forget to send me some. lol

Kassie said...

WOW they look great. you make me want to make my Christmas cookies now.

tara said...

i need 2 dozen undecorated cookies so we can decorate them ourselves. not that yours aren't beautiful because they are.

you do take orders right?

Kariberry said...

YUM they look good! And by the look on Carson's face he looks so proud!
Are you taking orders? :)