Saturday, December 12, 2009

Please Continue to Pray for Carter

This was last December....Carson and Carter watching the Fredericksburg Christmas parade. It was BITTER cold, and we had the first snow of the season start to fall during the parade. The kids were all bundled, waiting patiently for Santa to arrive. The parade this year was last Saturday....again it was bitter cold, and again we had the first snow of the season. It was perfect....except Carter wasn't there. I find it very hard to even imagine what has occurred to this brave little man in less than a year. He was diagnosed in February with an inoperable brain tumor. He has been fighting ever so valiantly and unfortunately there is nothing left that the doctors can do.

Please stop, and add Carter, his family, especially his sweet Mama to your prayers. Waiting on God, waiting on the inevitable has to be excruciating. Please pray for peace, acceptance, understanding and most of all comfort as Carter is called home to his saviour.

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Lisa said...

Will continue to pray for this family.

anita said...

Thanks for mentioning Carter in a blog earlier this year. Because of this, I prayed for him and his family all year. And recently have been praying for those Courtney has mentioned in her blogs. I didn't realize how big the DIPG community is, and recently purchased the book "Notes Left Behind" about another DIPG family who lost their daughter, Elena. These families have taught me to appreciate my children every single minute and try not to focus on the little things.
Praying for you as you minister to Carter's family. <3