Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Signs of Spring

I started this post about two weeks ago, and can't believe that I never got back to it! But as they say LIFE seriously tends to get in the way of the small stuff.... and honestly, life is way more important. I took all these pictures two weeks ago today. So to avoid confusion...I changed the post date. Pictured below is some beautiful pink dogwoods in full bloom. The day was an absolutely gorgeous day.... with one exception. The temperature was only supposed to reach about 85 degrees, by 1:00 p.m. the temps had soared to 95 degrees. Which really wouldn't be so bad, but the humidity creeped up along with the temps. We had a busy day planned... I did my best friends daughter's nails, Carson had a soccer game, and I was taking my best friends daughter's Prom pictures. Before the Prom Queen and King arrived, I walked the grounds of Chatham Manor, a prominent historical site in the Revolutionary war. Dogwoods were blooming, wisteria was blooming, as was all the pollen associated with it!
Aren't they the cutest couple??? Brie and Billy
I had a blast shooting non-traditional photos for them!But the posed shots were fun too!Brie, giving Barb, my best friend a kiss....They have an amazing relationship, and it was sooo much fun photographing someone besides Carson for a change!
I had to include this photo..... Carson just scored his first goal of the season!!!!
I was so happy with how the prom pictures came out, that I took Carson back there the next day for an impromptu photo shoot for me. One of my favorite ways to capture children is from behind, and unposed.

The cheese is coming out now!Walking through an arbor or some sort or another.Love these trees, They are Catalpa trees, and the sign says that they date back to the revolutionary war. I took several photos of both the prom couple and Carson in front of these trees.I LOVE this picture..... Carson walking in a huge field of buttercups.....One of these days I need to post an update and fill everyone at home in on all that has happened in our lives....It just needs to slow down a bit first! Hopefully, when school is out......only 26 more school days til summer! But really whose counting!


Lori said...

Your photos of the Dogwoods and Lilacs are gorgeous. I have always wondered what a Dogwood Tree looks like.

Kariberry said...

These are awesome photos! Nice camera! Hey i have something for you. Stop on by! :)